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Deer Solution® - Repellent Service


Our Co-founders:

Kris Goodrich

Kris has been an entrepreneur ever since he was a young boy. Kris started his first business in highschool, selling fire-starting equiptment to outdoor enthusiasts and boy scouts, earning him roughly $30,000 in recurring annual revenue by the time he left for college. At the age of 27, Kris and his wife, Jaime, purchased her parents’ family-run service business, and turned it into a successful regional enterprise with national name recognition. For Kris, being an entrepreneur is about solving problems and being innovative. In addition to leading Deer Solution, Kris enjoys helping other entrepreneurs through their own journeys, including working regularly with his franchisees, and mentoring high school and college students, helping them bring their ideas to the next level.

Jaime Goodrich
Branding and Communication

Jaime grew up in the deer control industry, watching and helping with the day-to-day activity of her parent’s deer control business as her father pioneered the industry. Stuffing envelopes with her mother, being quizzed on plant names and driving around with her father while he pointed out customer properties were some of her earliest memories. In 2008, Jaime and her husband purchased her parents' company. As Kris and Jaime looked to expand the business, Jaime created a website and started investing time in social media, while taking care of customer service phone calls and billing. Today, she works on brand alignment and awareness. Jaime's history with the company gives her a unique perspective on how much potential there is for franchisees of Deer Solution.

History & Growth

  • The Beginning

    Jaime's father, Jim Messina, started a deer damage control business after customers at his  nursery expressed concerns over their plants being eaten by deer.

  • New Beginning

    Kris and Jaime purchased the service business from Jaime's parents, and expanded the business into a larger New Jersey territory.

  • The Shakeup

    Rebranded the company to create Deer Solution® as we expanded into New York.

  • Growth Phase

    Continuing to grow, we added field technicians and expanded to offer services in Pennsylvania.

  • Future Planning

    Our Founders assessed the last two-year’s of growth - now covering 5 states – New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland and Delaware and started the process to franchise Deer Control.

  • New Opportunities

    Our FDD is final and franchise ownership opportunities became available. Twenty territories are sold within the first year.

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